Drought Tolerant Landscaping In The San Jose Area

Drought Tolerant Landscaping and Xeriscaping San Jose, CA.
This is a low maintenance drought tolerant garden area at the front entry of this home.

A Beautiful Landscape With Low Maintenance Requirements
We design and build drought tolerant landscapes and xeriscapes.

Drought tolerant landscaping, drought resistant landscaping or otherwise known as xeriscaping as it’s starting to be called, is a popular emerging landscaping trend for San Jose homeowners.  Unless your property is on a well you are most likely hooked up to a municipal water supply, which as you know isn’t free and it’s always in shorter supply than the municipality would like. Incorporating drought tolerant landscape design into your property will reduce maintenance costs, reduce your water usage considerably and it won’t have to look boring and dull.

Silver Design & Remodeling is a locally owned and operated home improvement company based out of San Jose And The Bay Area, CA and serving most of Santa Clara County .  We specialize in drought tolerant landscape design and construction.  From something as simple as redesigning your existing garden beds into low maintenance beds to designing a complete xeriscape for your front and back yards incorporating concrete, paver, or brick work, you’ve just found the team that can help you bring your low maintenance landscaping vision for your property to life!

Drought Resistant Landscaping San Jose, CA

  • Low maintenance landscaping
  • Rock landscaping features or gardens
  • Interlocking brick and paver patios
  • Drought resistant native plants

One of the keys to a beautiful drought tolerant landscape is an understanding of the local eco-system you are located in so you can incorporate as many native plants and natural items of interest as possible.  The San Jose area is considered mostly zone 10a and 10b according to the US dept. Of Agriculture and we are very familiar with the types of plantings required for our climate.

Xeriscaping For New Construction Landscapes

Are you in the process of building a new home on a property you’ve purchased in The San Jose area?  Are you looking at re-doing an existing landscape into a lower maintenance alternative?  Traditional landscapes like lawns and intricate gardens take a substantial amount of water and maintenance to survive and look healthy, usually you need an expensive irrigation system or underground sprinkler system.  Xeriscapes on the other hand, survive on whatever rainwater falls, eliminating the need to install irrigation systems and greatly lessening your expense on gardening or lawn care services.

Brick, Pavers and Natural Rock Are Low Maintenance And Visually Appealing

Landscaping with interlocking brick, pavers or even natural stone will definitely cut down on the watering required, aside from a cleaning once every year.  Large boulders always make great focal points in any garden as do rock walls, interlocking brick patios, even outdoor cooking and living areas make for a great place in the backyard to relax and enjoy the outdoor atmosphere.

Instead of having a bunch of hard to maintain garden beds, think gravel beds using pea gravel, pebbles, crushed rock or another attractive stone and they can be bordered with brick or stone retaining walls or dotted with colorful drought resistant shrubs and low maintenance trees that can thrive in our California climate.

Beautiful, Colorful, Low Maintenance Plant Selections

The idea behind low maintenance or drought tolerant landscaping is to choose plants, trees, and shrubs that require very little water to survive and require little maintenance such as feeding or pruning.  This doesn’t mean your xeriscaped garden will have to be boring though!  There is an abundance of colorful plant choices for drought resistant gardens and landscapes, with many of the options being plants that are native to our area of California.

Why Choose Silver Design & Remodeling Inc. For Your Drought Tolerant Landscaping?

When you choose to hire Silver Design & Remodeling Inc. to design and install drought tolerant landscaping on your property you are partnering with a small team of talented and dedicated craftsman.  We take the commitment you are making to your home very seriously and that will reflect in everything we do with your landscape.  You can count on excellent communication throughout the project, quality craftsmanship, high-quality materials, a clean job site, and pricing that will be right in line with our competition.

Our team is passionate about transforming your property into a lower maintenance, drought tolerant, landscape that will easier and less costly to maintain.  The entire team at Silver Design & Remodeling Inc. takes great pride in the work we do for each and every one of our customers.  It’s through word-of-mouth referrals and many happy clients that our company continues to grow.

To schedule an estimate for your drought tolerant landscape or xeriscaping project please call (800) 707-4136 or fill out our contact form and we’ll get right back to you.